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Practice Group Criminal Law

Criminal proceedings are stressful for everyone involved. Whether as an injured party or as the accused, criminal justice matters are emotional and nerve-wracking; after all, one's freedom may be at stake. Ultimately, criminal justice issues have a long-term impact on entire communities and societies, as crime, or the absence of it, has a significant impact on public safety and thus forms an important basis for the standard of living in a place.

Criminal cases are often extremely complex. Therefore, they require the expertise of an experienced criminal lawyer who is experienced and always prioritizes the best interest of the client. In criminal proceedings, it is particularly important to seek legal advice at an early stage in order to plan the further course of action.

The experts at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG are confronted with criminal proceedings in a wide variety of matters on a daily basis. In a first step, our experienced criminal law experts work out a suitable strategy together with the client. The initial situation is analyzed in detail so that we can find an individually tailored solution. In addition, we represent our clients before all Swiss courts and authorities and are also available outside of general opening hours, for example in the event of unexpected imprisonment.

Our services in the area of criminal law include, among other things, the representation of parties in all criminal proceedings, including administrative and white-collar crime. We represent our clients in hearings and interrogations, appeal on their behalf, accompany them to sentencing hearings and more. In addition, our experts have extensive expertise in the area of white-collar criminal law as well as in mutual legal assistance proceedings.

In case of imprisonment, we inform our clients about all developments and prepare evidence as well as an optimal defense strategy for possible court hearings. In doing so, we always proceed in a routine and goal-oriented manner, because the well-being of our clients is our top priority in every case.

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