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Profile Notarial services

Our notarial office in St. Gallen provides certification and notarization services for both domestic and foreign-based clients. All notarization procedures are generally preceded by a thorough consultation with a notary from our law office, in the context of which your interests as a whole are discussed. Comprehensive legal advice ensures that the notarized document fully takes account of your requirements and circumstances, also paying particular attention to tax aspects.

Company notarization forms the main part of our notarial activities in St. Gallen. We notarize such matters as the formation of incorporated companies and capital increases and reductions. Based on our expertise in business management, we also provide support for mergers and demergers.

In addition to company matters, we also notarize contracts under family law. Marriage and inheritance contracts serve to create legal certainty and guard against internal family disputes. In particular where substantial assets are at stake, or there is an international context, notarization of a will is worthwhile. While our law firm is also able to provide support in the context of inheritance and family disputes, our aim is to avoid disputes through the preparation of marriage and inheritance contracts which are as fair and balanced as possible and, in the event of divorce, to ensure an amicable settlement.

We are also able to certify signatures and copies. Having documents officially certified in legal transactions enhances their credibility. We are aware of this responsibility upon us, and are, therefore, careful to review all documents presented to us for certification. At the same time, the certification service offered to our clients is both reliable and available when required; upon request, notarization and certification services by a notary can also be provided outside office hours.

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Naturally, our law office in St. Gallen is also willing to review contracts not notarized by our own notarial office and to prepare an independent legal opinion on your behalf. Our law firm will, of course, also be happy to represent you in litigation matters relating to notarized contracts, particularly with regard to family matters and inheritance disputes.