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On behalf of our clients, we conduct litigation before all courts in Switzerland, thereby making full use of all legal remedies at our disposal to safeguard our clients' interests and rights as effectively as possible. This firm attaches particular importance to procedural law – having rights and obtaining rights are, of course, two different matters, and cases are often won or lost based on the finer details of procedural law.

However, we emphasize that, for us, amicable settlement always has priority. Particularly in litigation with official bodies, it is generally possible to come to a practical solution which is beneficial to both parties. The Swiss authorities are known for their pragmatic and, indeed, customer-friendly approach; it would be foolish not to utilize Switzerland's locational advantage without reason, and instead resort to litigation.

In disputes with private individuals or companies, it is frequently also possible to reach an amicable agreement; thus, before any litigation, we would normally seek a discussion with the other side's legal counsel to make a final attempt at mediation.

Our offices in Zurich and St. Gallen also advise and represent our clients before national and international arbitration courts both in Switzerland and abroad, primarily handling the interests of clients in commercial matters. In this context, in addition to legal considerations, business-management aspects are also key. In every case, you can be assured of our discretion, since we attach the utmost importance to our clients’ reputation.