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Family law

Family disputes can be very unpleasant for all parties, especially where the interests of children are involved. In addition to financial aspects, emotional conflicts also frequently play a role. To ensure that a matter is settled in the most objective and straightforward way possible, ideally, both parties should be represented by a family lawyer.

At our offices in Zurich and St. Gallen we attach the greatest importance to achieving an amicable settlement, since it is essential to avoid any further breakdown in family relations. With this in mind, mediation between the parties by a family lawyer has been proven to offer a good prospect of success. In the context of such discussions, we often succeed in easing tensions and finding acceptable amicable solutions for all those involved.

Should it be the case that, even with the assistance of mediation attempts by a family lawyer, it is not possible to reach an amicable settlement, our law firm will assert the interests of clients before any court in Switzerland. We represent both domestic and foreign clients in family disputes of all types. We set out below an overview of just some of our main areas of work in family law.

Family Law


Even for attorneys, divorce is not pleasant – it is mostly the case that a client's dream has been shattered, and separation entails emotive disagreements which impact negatively upon any children in the family. Thus, the main task of a divorce lawyer is to bring about an acceptable resolution for all parties within a reasonable period and to restore orderly relations as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of the divorce procedure, we attempt to mediate between both sides and ease tensions, since it is in all parties’ interests to proceed in an objective and fair manner. We then seek to achieve an amicable settlement which, ideally, then merely needs court approval.

If, despite mediation attempts, the interests of both parties prove to be incompatible, it becomes impossible to avoid court proceedings. In such cases, we safeguard our client's interests using all legal remedies available, and provide you with professional guidance through all challenges which may arise during the course of proceedings.

Matrimonial law

Even if divorce is not imminent, matrimonial disputes can be extremely unpleasant. In such cases, it is important for both parties to be represented by a family lawyer for all interests to be protected; this is particularly true, for example, with regard to preliminary relief proceedings.

Our law office both provides advice and conducts litigation in matrimonial matters. At the beginning of a dispute, we generally seek a meeting with the other side and their legal counsel. Ideally, objective mediation enables a clearer understanding of the situation and achievement of a settlement that is beneficial for both parties, avoiding any further dispute.

However, should the parties' standpoints be irreconcilable, we will assert the interests of our clients before the courts, using all legal remedies at our disposal. We will guide you smoothly through the entire process and will be at your side to support you in the face of all adversity.