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Industry Group Pharmaceutical Industry, Life Sciences and Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry, life sciences and healthcare are characterized by a high level of regulation —after all, a lot is at stake in these industries. Because of this, companies and service providers in the industry are dependent on the expertise and competent advice of a legal professional.

The experts at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG have extensive specialist knowledge in the field of life sciences and medical law. Our expertise enables us to offer competent and comprehensive legal advice to companies in this sector. Relevant areas of law in this field include antitrust and competition law, banking, and capital markets law as well as compliance.

In the field of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food, chemistry, cosmetics, and life sciences, we offer our clients comprehensive advice on topics such as research and development, regulatory affairs, intellectual property enforcement, advertising and distribution, pricing strategies and social security aspects. Regulatory issues, compliance problems and data protection aspects are also within the scope of our core competences.

We are also happy to assist our clients in other areas. These include biotechnology start-ups, large and medium-sized companies as well as research institutions. Advice can revolve around, for example, acquisitions and mergers, joint ventures or IPOs, strategies on patent and trademark portfolios, business agreements and licenses or tax and environment.

We continue to assist clients from the healthcare sector such as doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, laboratories and more in tariff negotiations, various aspects of planning as well as questions of liability, data protection, professional law, and social security accreditation. Furthermore, we provide expert opinions and support you with routine and experience in corporate transactions, court proceedings or problems in connection with competition and antitrust law or tax law.

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Industry Group Pharmaceutical Industry, Life Sciences and Healthcare