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Law firm and notary’s office in St. Gallen

Selecting the right attorney in St. Gallen to answer one’s legal questions can be overwhelming. Which law firm in St. Gallen is best equipped to competently process your request? Which attorney’s office has the desired expertise and experience in a certain legal area? How high are the expected costs for a consultation and potential court proceedings?

Our law firm in St. Gallen advises natural and legal persons both consultatively and during court proceedings. Clients particularly value our attorneys’ extensive expertise that extends over a broad spectrum of specialties and legal services. Normally, cases involve multiple legal fields, which is why especially complex fact patterns require a holistic approach. Our attorney’s office in St. Gallen prioritizes an effective and efficient advocacy in all areas of life. Besides operating as an attorney’s office, our law firm in St. Gallen offers comprehensive support in all notarial matters to warrant a holistic consultation.

The expertise of our attorneys in St. Gallen extends to the following legal fields:

What do you expect from your attorney in St. Gallen?

First and foremost, our attorneys working in the St. Gallen office render a service. In legal matters, the quality of the service depends largely on the legal knowledge and expertise of the attorney. Moreover, trust is an important aspect —our attorneys in St. Gallen intend to make every client feel that they are in good hands.

An excellent cooperation between the law firm and its clients is characterized by constant, good and especially personal communication. While we work on an exclusive solution that is fitted to your needs together with you, complete confidentiality and a goal-oriented, quick execution are our main goals. Our clients in St. Gallen feel well taken care of from the first minute.

How do we proceed during a consultation in our law firm in St. Gallen?

During the initial consultation, we analyze the situation and resulting privileges of the client. Thereafter, we formulate an individual solution in cooperation with the client. Depending on the circumstances, we then contact the responsible authority, institute legal proceedings or submit a request. Generally, the concrete, individual situation influences the scope of the consultation because there are no flat solutions for legal matters.

Does my attorney in St. Gallen have the necessary expertise?

The legal fields listed above offer an insight into our law firms’ scope of operations. Of course, the attorneys in our office at Rosenberg, St. Gallen will analyze legal matters outside of the legal fields that are listed here, as well.

Conduct of cases

We represent our clients in front of all Swiss courts and administrative bodies and exhaust all available legal means to the fullest extent. The main interest of our law firm is to preserve the rights and interests of our clients. In this, our attorneys competently weigh opportunities and risks within the scope of the legal proceedings. In particular, we consider local and case-related peculiarities and ensure profitability based on our expertise and experience. Whether court proceedings are concluded successfully or unsuccessfully, can depend on procedural subtleties. Our clients value the seasoned and trustworthy team working in our attorney’s office in St. Gallen.

It is our company’s philosophy to prioritize consensual solutions —in most cases, finding a solution in a timely manner is in the interest of all involved parties. The same is true for disputes with administrative bodies. In cases where there is a dispute between private persons or companies, our attorneys in St. Gallen seek talks with the other party’s legal representative before initiating court proceedings.

The attorneys working in our law firm in St. Gallen represent clients in front of national as well as international arbitration courts domestically and abroad with high competence and sovereignty. Here, our focus lies on commercial law matters, in which both legal and business-related aspects are of high importance. Due to our extensive expertise, we are the right contact partner in these matters, both in St. Gallen and all of eastern Switzerland. Needless to say, confidentiality is our main priority, as we value our clients’ trust. The reputation of our clients is of particular importance to us —You may rest assured that all your matters are in good hands with us.

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