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Attorney for inheritance law in St. Gallen

On a case-by-case basis, inheritance law sets out who is qualified to be an heir and how the assets of the testator will be divided between the heirs. Generally, any natural person can become an heir and will one day be a testator. In many cases, the composition of wills, contracts of inheritance, and inheritance division contracts is highly complex. In addition, planning a testation can involve the passing on of a company from one generation to the next or third parties. Due to the complexity of such contracts, handling corresponding questions requires some expertise. Moreover, dealing with foundations and trusts also gives rise to questions, especially since they are not considered in the Swiss legal system. Our law firm in St. Gallen gladly takes on new challenges and offers competent advice in all matters relating to inheritance law.

Unfortunately, disputes between heirs in a succession are not uncommon. An early consultation of an attorney for inheritance law can produce relief in such cases and save clients from the worst outcome. Ideally, you would visit our law firm in St. Gallen even before the succession has occurred. In this context, our notary’s office will certify your testaments. Hence, we offer comprehensive and trustworthy guidance and support in situations which are not always easy to deal with.

Has the succession already occurred, we initially aim to find an amicable solution that caters to the needs of all heirs. In particular, we intend to prevent a disruption of the interpersonal relationships, as the parties are frequently related. Ideally, both parties are represented by an attorney for inheritance law.

If required, we will enforce your rights in front of the responsible courts. Of course, our attorneys ensure that clients are supported throughout the entire process.

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