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Progressive digitization is shaping everyday life in law firms. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the work with large amounts of data. Whereas numerous lawyers used to be busy analyzing documents, today algorithms can analyze large amounts of data within a few hours. The algorithms are not only faster than young lawyers, but also less prone to errors. This makes the work of lawyers in large proceedings easier.

Cloud computing would also not be to think away. Remote working is now part of the standard working conditions in modern law firms. At the same time, many lawyers want to be able to access documents even during their business trips or vacations. Finally, it is sometimes necessary to access large amounts of data quickly in court. All this is made possible by working in the cloud.

At the same time, advancing digitalization is also accompanied by significant cybersecurity risks. Ransomware attacks on law firms have increased. Client data must be optimally protected.

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG has developed a digitalization strategy that enables us to respond optimally to the above-mentioned challenges. Our Managing Partner, attorney at law Dr. Dr. Fabian Teichmann, has completed a degree in computer science at Harvard University to be able to guide us optimally through the digital future. This has given us a sustainable competitive edge, enabling us to make the most of the opportunities presented by digitalization.