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Criminal law

Our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen have wide-ranging competence in the realm of criminal law and the law of criminal procedure. We advise and represent clients in criminal proceedings and additionally offer an on-call service.

Criminal proceedings necessitate particular attention on the part of the handling attorney, for in addition to financial interests, the very liberty of the client is frequently also at stake. Thus, it is essential for the attorney entrusted with safeguarding a client's interests to have specific expertise in criminal law.

Criminal law St. Gallen

The firm's proprietor, attorney-at-law Dr. Fabian Teichmann, obtained a doctorate at the University of Zürich in the field of money laundering, as well as a further doctorate from the University of Kassel in examining the fight against corruption. This led him to engage particularly in identifying the methods through which money-laundering prevention measures are circumvented, and how corruption is fought through incentive schemes. In addition, Dr. Fabian Teichmann has conducted training for compliance officers from over 20 financial service providers based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We, therefore, understand the ways in which astute perpetrators act, and can help your business to anticipate risks and take suitable organizational measures. In particular, we are able to see things from the perspective of the perpetrator and take this perspective into account in our analysis.

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