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Business law in Zurich and St. Gallen

Our offices in Zurich and St. Gallen primarily represent business clients, and we are, thus, confronted on a daily basis with a wide range of commercial matters. We provide both advice and litigation support in many areas of law, including procurement law, law on the sale of goods, the law on contracts for work and services, and on agency agreements. We also provide support in connection with cooperation agreements and joint ventures. Our clients benefit from our expertise in both legal matters and business management.

Company law

Company law constitutes a core area of our legal work. We advise companies both from Switzerland and abroad on a whole number of different company law matters. In particular, we provide advice on restructuring, reorganization, demergers, mergers and corporate takeovers. In addition, we have a wide range of expertise in the area of private equity and venture capital.

Our notarial office in St. Gallen also provides notarization services for all company documents prepared by us; thus, we are a one-stop shop for the services required by our clients.

Upon request, business management matters are handled by our business consultancy firm, Teichmann International AG.

Intellectual property law

Particularly for many of our successful and entrepreneurial clients, intellectual property plays a crucial role. Trademarks, patents, copyright and designs are frequently disregarded by the competition or, indeed, deliberately abused. We analyse our clients' requirements and file applications of all types, both in Switzerland and worldwide. We also send written warnings to competitors who infringe our clients’ rights, and institute legal proceedings where necessary. The ongoing monitoring of applications both at home and abroad serves to complete our comprehensive service provision in the realm of intellectual property law.

Property law

Real estate constitutes an extremely attractive form of investment, although it also presents substantial legal risks and hurdles. Besides the purchase of a property, above all, planning matters must be dealt with, and then contracts for work and services need to be concluded as soon as all permits have been obtained. Following on from this, work undertaken must be checked for defects. Even after completing all these processes, further challenges may arise – disputes with neighbours or tenants, for instance, are often extremely protracted, and tie up resources.

For all such matters, our law office provides clients with a property lawyer to offer assistance both in word and deed, and who will use their expertise to look after our clients' interests, all at reasonable cost.

Bankruptcy law

In the event of bankruptcy and related proceedings, there is much at stake for creditors – in such a situation, it is wise to consult a lawyer who is well versed in bankruptcy law and who will support you in asserting your claims.

Our law office will protect your interests in bankruptcy proceedings too; in particular, we will ensure that your claims are given due consideration in any collocation plan. We will also represent you in both judicial and extrajudicial settlement negotiations.

Media law

Our law office in St. Gallen represents both domestic and foreign clients in all types of media disputes. In addition to the traditional entertainment media of radio, television and newspapers, our primary focus is also on the internet and social media. It is particularly important for business operators to know what their rights and duties are – in the event of doubt, these should be clarified and enforced with the help of a lawyer specializing in media law.

More recently, a growing number of private individuals have contacted our firm with regard to media law matters. These frequently concern questionable conduct on social media, which can only be evaluated and prosecuted using specialist knowledge of media law. We are always pleased to assist in this regard and offer experienced and efficient legal advice in such situations.

Landlord and tenant law

Tenancy disputes can be a protracted and resource-intensive inconvenience for all parties concerned. To find a fair solution at the most reasonable cost, we would recommend engaging an attorney specializing in landlord and tenant law from the very beginning of a dispute. Our lawyers will then analyse the tenancy relationship in question, along with the underlying rights and duties, and protect your interests through appropriate judicial and extrajudicial measures.

Contract law

Contracts are a feature of everyday life and often entail both time and costs; yet, above all, they serve to clearly document your rights, to protect you and, in the event of doubt, also enable you to assert your rights against others. Many stumbling blocks may arise en route to a watertight contract; where possible, these should be overcome with the assistance of a lawyer experienced in contract law.

We consider it our duty to provide you with the requisite contractual basis and to advise you on all matters of contract law. If, from the start, you give your business relations a clearly-defined framework which is transparent from the perspective of both parties, in an ideal scenario, conflicts and litigation can both be avoided. In this way, it is possible to lay the foundations for a long-term business relationship based on fairness.

If a dispute nevertheless arises, our law firm will help you to assert your rights swiftly and with assurance. We represent clients before all courts in Switzerland.

Debt collection law

Defaulting debtors are a common nightmare for all business operators, and in a worst-case scenario, can lead to substantial financial losses, as well as time-consuming disputes. Our law office in St. Gallen will assert your claims in a targeted and cost-efficient manner. In the event that a debtor appeals against enforcement in debt collection proceedings, we will immediately seek replevin proceedings.

If debt collection proceedings are wrongfully instituted against you, you should contact a lawyer specializing in debt collection, for in many cases it is not sufficient to merely file an appeal against collection. It may, in some circumstances, be appropriate to bring proceedings for a negative declaratory judgment, so that clear clarification can be obtained from a court to the effect that no valid claim exists. We will advise you in such situations and guide you reliably through the relevant legal steps.

Transport law

The transport industry occupies a particularly important role in the Canton of St. Gallen. Based on its proximity to Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany, St. Gallen is an intersection point for goods originating from within Switzerland and from abroad; thus, questions of transport law often arise. The relevant circumstances should ideally be analysed by an attorney specializing in transport law, so that the client be provided with reliable and prompt information, enabling disputes to be either entirely avoided or resolved promptly.

The law on contracts for work and services

Defects in work undertaken rank among the most frequent causes of disputes between developers and skilled manual workers. It is often the case that a warranted or required characteristic is indeed absent; however, the question then arises of ensuring that a prompt complaint is made, which must moreover be sufficiently detailed and clearly worded.

To avoid such vulnerabilities, it makes sense to engage an attorney specializing in the law on contracts for work and services immediately upon identifying a defect. In the case of large-scale projects, it may in some circumstances even be worthwhile involving such an attorney in the relevant business operation, i.e. before any potential defect is identified. Proceeding in this way can also contribute significantly to ensuring the work undertaken is submitted to a due and proper formal acceptance procedure.