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Industry Group Energy and Raw Materials

The Swiss energy and commodities sector is home to established national and international trading companies and start-ups engaged in the search for innovative energy solutions. Important issues in this sector are often related to security of supply, carbon reduction, energy nationalism, renewable energies and the rush for resources. The sector is not only dynamic and competitive, but also increasingly scrutinized. At the same time, many jurisdictions have implemented more open and liberal regulatory models. Accordingly, companies in this sector rely on practical and innovative advice from their legal representatives.

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG has extensive expertise in the energy and commodities sector, which enables us to understand the business environment of our clients and offer tailor-made solutions. In close cooperation with our national and international clients, we combine industry knowledge and legal expertise to provide tailor-made and innovative services. In particular, compliance with regulatory and legal frameworks is of utmost relevance. International transactions and the coordination of international projects also require competent and targeted advice.

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG advises and represents international oil and gas companies, utilities, sovereign wealth funds, leading financial services providers, government entities, private equity firms and more on all issues and challenges arising from market regulation. Our experts are experienced in dealing with complex transactions and regulatory issues in the renewable energy, nuclear, oil, gas, and more sectors. We also have a broad understanding of innovative technologies and their impact on the energy and natural resources sectors.

With our extensive experience in compliance, antitrust and competition, intellectual property, capital markets, real estate, and tax law, as well as banking, mergers and acquisitions and technology, we are happy to provide advice and litigation support on all related matters.

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