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Employment law

For both employer and employee, employment disputes can become a nightmare; one from which we wish to spare our clients. For this reason, even before an employment relationship begins, our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen will prepare a contract of employment, in the context of providing legal advice, which takes account of the interests of both parties – and which also protects you against time-consuming and wearying disputes. In the case of high-calibre positions, both sides are usually represented by their own employment attorney.

If, however, disagreements do arise between employer and employee, we seek to achieve a mutually-agreed resolution, whereby our clients' interests are always at the forefront and are safeguarded to the greatest possible extent. In such cases, mediation between employer and employee by an employment lawyer provides the best possible promise of achieving an amicable settlement without resorting to litigation.

Labor Law

In the event that, despite every effort, a settlement appears unlikely, we will assert our clients' rights before the courts, providing assured support throughout the litigation process. Our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen represent both employers and employees before all Swiss courts in matters relating to employment disputes.