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Practice Group Contracts

Contracts are indispensable in today's world. Whether in business or in the private sphere, by means of contracts, parties entering into a mutual relationship legally secure themselves and determine conditions that are acceptable and advantageous for both sides. The conclusion of a contract does not theoretically have to be in writing; in many cases a verbal agreement is sufficient. Written contracts then come into being, for example, when employment relationships are concluded, two persons enter into a marital union or an inheritance is determined. General terms and conditions also constitute a contract. They are often highly complex and require expert interpretation by a contract lawyer.

Contract compliance (pacta sunt servanda, "contracts must be kept") is the supreme principle of private and public contract law. Misunderstandings in the wording of the contract can quickly become expensive or have other consequences should contractual partners not be able to comply with the stipulated conditions. Therefore, contracts should be reviewed promptly with regard to formal, substantive as well as legal aspects. The experts at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG specialize in the efficient and economic review of your contracts. Our lawyers have an eye for detail and always approach the review with the utmost care.

As a law firm and notary's office, Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG offers a holistic, integrated approach to the drafting of contracts. This means that our lawyers and notaries provide you with competent and speedy advice from a single source. The results we achieve are always of the highest quality, both linguistically and factually, because our employees work with a high degree of precision and care out of conviction.

In accordance with the law, we advise both companies and individuals on negotiations and contracting and draft contracts for a wide range of industries - from contracts for work and labor to contracts for IT, athletes, security, distribution and purchasing, franchising, renting, leasing and more. We also support clients in interpreting or challenging contracts with all available legal means, both in an advisory capacity and in litigation. In doing so, our clients benefit from our targeted approach and our many years of experience in the field of contract law.