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Industry Group International Practice

Due to globalization, the world is networked like never before. Innovative technological solutions enable us to be in constant contact with our environment —far beyond national or even continental borders. This interconnectedness creates a wide range of opportunities for companies and private individuals alike. At the same time, however, it also leads to a considerable increase in complexity.

Due to their high complexity, international transactions and cross-border projects are associated with a considerable amount of work, as numerous clarifications must be made, and regulations observed. Cultural aspects also play an important role in most cases. It is not uncommon for misunderstandings or delays to occur here.

Law, like our environment in general, is becoming more international. Many cases require at least a basic knowledge of the international legal landscape. Thus, young lawyers are now preparing for an international career right from the start of their training. The lawyers at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG are distinguished by their extensive experience abroad, which sets us apart from other law firms. We attach great importance to multidisciplinarity and multinationalism. In this way, we always succeed in asserting the interests of our international clientele in an experienced and goal-oriented manner.

Switzerland is in a special position because it is closely networked with its neighboring countries and the entire European Economic Area. Not only is there lively trade between Switzerland and other countries, but it also attracts a large number of foreign businesspeople, entrepreneurs and private individuals due to its high standard of living, favorable taxation and openness to innovation.

The lawyers of Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG are experts in managing international mandates and in coordinating cross-border matters within the framework of international projects. EU mandates are handled confidently and reliably by our EU lawyers. We skillfully combine legal, economic and intercultural expertise to provide you with the best possible legal advice. In addition, we have a reliable global network consisting of experienced and excellently trained experts.