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Industry Group Public Sector

As with companies in the private sector, it is important for public sector organizations to be able to respond to external influences. Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG advises public sector companies in Switzerland and abroad as well as public law partnerships and private individuals on regulatory, administrative, or public law issues. These include issues relating to public procurement, professional and traffic regulations, sanctions, data protection, education, health, immigration and more. Our advice is always focused on agility and flexibility, in line with the needs of our clients.

Technological developments, for example in connection with smart city and government services, are also becoming increasingly important. Their introduction is not only associated with a high organizational and coordination effort, but must also comply with the relevant regulations. Our interdisciplinary team of experts is very familiar with the regulatory challenges of new technologies and can advise you on their implementation.

In this context, cyber security in particular plays a leading role in the public sector. Aspects such as data protection have always been of fundamental importance for organizations in the public sector. With increasing digitalization, new questions arise regarding data protection, which require the expertise of a lawyer.

Automation is also a focus area for the public sector, as it increases efficiency by simplifying the processing of orders and the handling of requests and thereby using economies of scale to its advantage. Artificial intelligence is often used in this process. Thus, automation initially leads to a considerable increase in complexity. This results in a multitude of legal questions and risks that need to be answered or minimized so that the potential of the technology can be used to the maximum.

The subject matter forms one of the core competences of Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG, as our experts have extensive, interdisciplinary expertise in the area of digitalization and compliance. We advise and represent our clients confidently in all public law matters and in the context of legal and administrative proceedings before all Swiss courts.