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Practice Group Family

The experts at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG have extensive expertise in family law and related matters, based on excellent training. We advise and represent families and their members in all contentious and non-contentious matters, with our initial focus always on finding an amicable solution that is beneficial to all parties. It is not uncommon for family law matters to be highly emotional, involving shattered dreams and hurt feelings. Especially when children are involved, a dispute between spouses can quickly become emotional. Our lawyers always keep in mind not only legal and economic aspects, but also your and your children's well-being. In doing so, we always proceed with routine and care, because the trust of our clientele is our top priority.

Our clients consult us regarding matrimonial protection and divorce, the conclusion and review of marriage and inheritance contracts, maintenance issues, child matters, cohabitation as well as questions of child and adult protection, for example regarding living wills, advance directives, guardianships and more. The public certification of marriage and inheritance contracts is conveniently carried out in our in-house notary's office. Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG is thus characterized by timely and integrated services that always prioritize your best interests.

In the context of family law, the interface with inheritance law in particular offers scope for complex issues and problems. The competent and multidisciplinary trained lawyers of our law firm will develop an individual and economically sensible succession plan for you, always taking into account all family and inheritance law consequences. As part of the process, we accompany you during the planning and implementation of efficient solutions by supporting you in the establishment of trusts, foundations and more.

Since Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG is concerned about the well-being of the entire family, our clientele can make use of the services of our management consultancy with associated family office, Teichmann International AG, if required. In this way, our law firm offers you comprehensive support from a single source in all situations.

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