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Administrative law

We provide advice and litigation support in various areas of administrative law. We set out below an outline of a number of our specialist areas in the field of administrative law. We shall be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Immigration law

Our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen advises clients from all over the world on matters concerning immigration law. Here, we focus particularly on the settlement of individuals in Switzerland, applying for the requisite residence permits and navigating the official channels on your behalf.

For clients seeking flat-rate taxation, in addition to a residence permit, we will also apply for a tax ruling. We can also assist you in selecting the canton which best suits your requirements.

Regarding the choice of an appropriate property or the search for a suitable school for your children, Teichmann International AG's Family Office is ready to help you with matters relating to settlement in the country.

Banking law

We advise banks and asset managers on various banking matters, placing a particular focus on compliance and related questions. Based on our proven expertise in compliance, we also train compliance officers from banks and other financial service providers. However, our work also covers all other areas of banking law.

Planning and building law

Without doubt, planning and building law is one of the most complex and demanding areas of law in Switzerland. Many questions in this regard have to be answered at cantonal level. While the rules are standardized in some areas, in the majority of cases, the specific expertise of an attorney specializing in this particular area of law is required.

Our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen boasts wide-ranging specialist knowledge and experience in matters of planning and building law. We support our clients at all levels of the approval procedure, always taking account of the interests of all parties and seeking amicable agreements with neighbours and official bodies to ensure cost-efficient and time-saving implementation.

In the event that an amicable agreement cannot be reached, we are ready to assert the interests of our clients before all courts in Switzerland. We have at our disposal an extensive repertoire of legal remedies which can be brought into play if needed. However, even during the legal proceedings, we will always remain open to engaging in dialogue with the other side.

Financial market law

Our law offices in Zurich and St. Gallen advises clients on a wide range of questions relating to financial market law. Here, besides regulatory considerations, the focus is primarily on financial and capital market transactions, as well as the development of structured products. We also support our clients in connection with FINMA licensing.

Compulsory purchase law

Compulsory purchase proceedings regularly arise, particularly in connection with road building. As a law firm, we consider it our duty to give optimum protection to the interests and rights of the affected owners. We, therefore, advise and represent our clients in compulsory purchase proceedings of all types. In particular, we are careful to ensure that the compensation offered is reasonable, and assert our clients' interests promptly and expertly before the courts.

European law

Switzerland lies at the heart of Europe, and although it does not form part of the European Union, for Swiss citizens and matters affecting them, European law often plays a decisive role. It is, therefore, crucial for your attorney to also have a sound knowledge of European law to be able to take care of your interests as effectively as possible in any situation. Our law office in St. Gallen boasts solid expertise in the area of European law and advises both domestic and foreign clients on matters of European law.

Social insurance law

Social insurance law is extremely complex. It is often difficult for people, as individuals, to identify the benefits to which they are actually entitled. In such instances, advice can be taken from an attorney specializing in social insurance law. In an initial discussion, your situation is analysed in every detail and your potential entitlements are clarified. We then make contact with the competent agencies and process your claims both swiftly and reliably.

Tax law

Based on the fact we not only have sound expert knowledge of tax law but also wide-ranging expertise in economics and finance, we are a strong partner in all tax matters. Economists often merely look at figures in isolation, while lawyers tend to limit themselves to legal aspects without giving due consideration of the accompanying financial and economic circumstances. We combine both a legal and a business-management approach, thereby ensuring that our clients receive an all-round service.

Complex cases, in particular, are difficult to deal with without the assistance of a tax attorney; errors and misunderstandings may then become very expensive. We can support you with your tax planning and obtain approval from the competent authorities. Among the services we provide, we are able to obtain tax rulings to give you legal and planning certainty.

It befits our corporate philosophy to initially make contact with the tax authorities. Frequently, problems can be resolved amicably through discussion. In Switzerland particularly, both businesses and private individuals benefit from the competence and willingness to cooperate of the tax authorities – we utilize this locational advantage on behalf of our clients, since disputes ultimately always entail costs and risks, and should therefore be avoided.

In exceptional cases, however, disputes cannot be settled amicably. It then becomes important to have your interests safeguarded before the competent authorities and courts by a capable and experienced tax attorney. In such instances, we use all means at our disposal for the benefit of our clients.

Road traffic law

A moment of carelessness in traffic can lead to considerable sanctions – withdrawal of a driving licence or imposition of a fine, for example, can be extremely unpleasant for the person concerned and lead to further complications. Therefore, particularly in the case of substantial penalties, it makes sense to engage an attorney specializing in road traffic law. Our law office will be pleased to assist you in dealing with any penalty imposed and will, in all cases, look after your interests as effectively as possible.

Environmental law

For many of our clients, environmental law constitutes a challenge, since procedures and applications in this domain are often particularly lengthy and costly and may potentially impact upon the reputation of a developer. As a result, particularly in the case of major construction projects, it makes good sense to arrange for initial clarification of the legal position from an environmental lawyer; this facilitates the avoidance of costly modifications during licensing procedures.

Competition law

Many companies perceive unfair competition as a threat which they can only counter through competent legal support, since the legal rules in this area of law are often complex and difficult to interpret. To avoid penalties, it is essential to obtain reliable clarification of the consequences under competition law of a particular action; ideally, such clarification should be obtained from a competition lawyer. Ultimately, compliant conduct protects the reputation of a business and all those associated with it.

Customs law

St. Gallen is a border canton, with Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany situated directly nearby. As a result, our clients in St. Gallen are frequently faced with customs issues which necessitate the expertise of an attorney specializing in customs law. One of our tasks is to ensure that import and export transactions are processed as smoothly as possible. We obtain the requisite clarification up front on our clients' behalf, and thereby prevent complications from arising.