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Certification services

Our notarial office in St. Gallen certifies signatures and copies of all types, enhancing the credibility of the documents in question. Indeed, in some cases, notarial certification is explicitly required by official bodies or potential business partners. We are aware of the importance of a certified document and the confidence which such a document establishes, and so we carefully scrutinize all documents prior to certification.


When certifying signatures, it is necessary for the signatory to attend in person at our notarial office. We first confirm the person's identity based on their identity document, before they then sign the document in the presence of the notary, who finally provides the certification.


It is not necessary to attend in person for copies to be certified; all that is needed is to provide the original documents. These are thoroughly scrutinized at our notarial office, where copies are made and then certified. Upon request, we are, of course, also able to obtain relevant apostilles.

Notarial certification