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Our notarial office in St. Gallen handles a large volume of notarization work, focusing primarily on the areas of family law, inheritance law and company law. We set out below an overview of the types of notarization which form the bulk of our work:

Transfer and assignment

The notarial services provided by our office in St. Gallen include share transfers and debt assignment. Usually, this type of notarization is preceded by a consultation with a notary at which the details of the matter in question are discussed with the client; we then prepare the relevant contract in full on your behalf. Actual notarization takes place at a second appointment, also at our offices, shortly thereafter.


For many forms of guarantee, legislation requires formal notarization. For this reason, at our notarial office in St. Gallen, we notarize guarantees of all types. Generally, notarization is preceded by a personal consultation between all parties, held at our offices in St. Gallen.

Marriage contracts

Marriage contracts are not particularly romantic documents – after all, at the time marriage takes place, two people are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Bringing up the prospect of a potential divorce appears both unreasonable and unnecessary.

Nevertheless, we would strongly recommend that provision be made for the unlikely event of a marriage failing. If, contrary to all expectations, a divorce should come to pass, it generally involves unpleasant and exhausting disagreements which may also affect any children born of the marriage. For this reason, it is all the more important to discuss the pecuniary consequences of divorce at an early stage and record such consequences in a contract. Ideally, this gives rise to a document which will never have to be used and which has no relevance to married life. However, if it is needed, the marriage contract which we will have prepared will assist you - in what is already a very difficult situation - in ensuring the orderly and swift settlement of the pecuniary consequences of a divorce, and thus finalizing the divorce process as amicably and smoothly as possible.

Inheritance contracts

Inheritance contracts primarily serve to provide mutual binding security for both parties, as following the death of the testator, beneficiaries have a future right to the inheritance left to them. In this respect, inheritance contracts are fundamentally different from notarized wills; if a will is revoked, the beneficiary has little right of recourse.

Our notarial office in St. Gallen is always willing to arrange a personal consultation at which the affairs and interests of all parties can be discussed. An inheritance contract tailored to your individual situation is then prepared by the notary, taking account of all wishes expressed. Finally, in the simultaneous presence of all contracting parties and the notary, the inheritance contract can be approved by the testator in person and notarized directly by the notary.

Inheritance waiver agreements

In some cases, it may make good sense to prepare an inheritance waiver agreement, on the basis of which a particular beneficiary will no longer be taken into consideration in any future probate proceedings. Our notarial office will prepare such agreements on your behalf both swiftly and meticulously. Notarization is generally preceded by a lengthy consultation with all parties involved to definitively clarify the situation and avoid any subsequent conflicts.


Mergers are complex processes with many stumbling blocks. A great deal of expertise is required to ensure smooth and prompt execution of such matters. At the client's request, the certifying notary can also engage the business consultants of Teichmann International AG who, based on their business-management experience, will provide assured support for the process, guaranteeing that not only legal considerations, but also entrepreneurial aspects, form part of the implementation process.

The formation of incorporated companies

In Switzerland, the formation of incorporated companies must be notarized by a notary public. Irrespective of whether a public or private limited company is being formed, such formation entails various legal risks, and so obtaining advice from a knowledgeable notary is virtually indispensable.

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG, based in St. Gallen, offers its clients a comprehensive, bespoke service, from the initial discussion, through preparation of documents, to notarization of a company’s formation. Naturally, we are ready to advise you and act for you through all further stages of entrepreneurial activity.

Capital increases

Capital increases should be carefully planned; in particular, tax aspects should not be neglected. For this reason, we generally consult with our clients in advance to analyse prospective approaches, identifying the most sensible approach and the option which best fits with requirements. Following on from this, the notary promptly prepares the appropriate document, and all the client has to do is simply sign on the dotted line.

Capital reductions

Our notarial office in St. Gallen also notarizes resolutions concerning capital reductions; here, besides company law, tax aspects must, above all, also be taken into account. Any capital reduction which we notarize is preceded by a detailed consultation with a notary public, at which the situation in question is analysed in detail and possible approaches to the matter are discussed.

Last wills and testaments

To avoid unpleasant and time-consuming disputes between beneficiaries in the event of a testator’s death, it is important to prepare a Last Will and Testament which is free of any legal flaws. It is also in the interests of the testator to provide clear terms regarding the whereabouts and distribution of their assets. In a detailed discussion with a notary, possible forms of will can be discussed and noted. The notary then prepares the relevant document and passes it to the client for perusal. Finally, following any adjustments, the notary will formally notarize the deed.


We provide reliable support to our clients through all stages of entrepreneurial activity; thus, we also notarize liquidation resolutions if a company is to be wound up. Upon request, liquidation can also be supported by our law office.

Amendments to articles of association

Our notarial office notarizes amendments to articles of association of all types and, upon request, can undertake a meticulous review of your existing company statutes, following which we will suggest any relevant amendments. We are always available for a personal consultation.

Declarations of intent

Our notarial office notarizes declarations of intent of all types. To ensure that these do, indeed, correspond to the intent of the party in question, all acts of notarization are generally preceded by a personal discussion with the notary, in which the client is first asked to set out their requirements, based on which the situation is then jointly analysed. The notary then summarizes the outcome of the discussion in a notarial deed, which is forwarded to the client for approval.

Public Notarization