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Practice Group Inheritance

The topic of inheritance will concern everyone at some point in their life. To avoid any ambiguities or even legal disputes, it is advisable to draw up a notarized will before the inheritance occurs. Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG is not only a law firm, it also has an associated notary's office. This means that clients can conveniently obtain all advisory services from a single source. Our experienced lawyers and notaries are at your side every step of the way - both the formulation of the will and its certification are carried out on our premises.

Here, our clients benefit in particular from our economic expertise. Our owner, Dr. Dr. Fabian Teichmann, LL.M., holds degrees in economics, accounting and finance, and general management. Like him, most of our lawyers have experienced an unparalleled interdisciplinary education in the fields of economics and law, which makes Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG ideally prepared to represent testators and heirs in an advisory as well as litigation capacity.

An inheritance is a complicated matter, especially if significant assets have been left behind and several heirs are possible. Banks are not an adequate point of contact because they act mainly in their own interest and carry out transactions on behalf of the deceased until they have been informed of the death. The distribution of assets in an account is then difficult and requires an experienced lawyer for inheritance law. Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG is the first port of call in this regard, as our international network and the multinationalism of our staff enable us to always act in the best interests of our clientele in both national and international contexts. The division of real estate, companies and other assets is also a complex matter which should under all circumstances be supervised and managed by an experienced lawyer.

Furthermore, the lawyers at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG have impressive expertise in medical and medical criminal law - including in the area of assisted suicide, which is legal in Switzerland under certain circumstances. Switzerland is one of only four countries within Europe that allows assisted suicide, although in principle Switzerland also allows assisted suicide for foreigners. The wish of a terminally ill patient to end his or her suffering is associated with a large number of bureaucratic obstacles. In addition, any "assistants" could face criminal prosecution in their country of residence. Last but not least, it is also necessary to organize the inheritance.

It is therefore essential to involve Swiss legal experts who are familiar with the subject matter in this highly sensitive act. The lawyers of our law firm act as trustworthy and understanding contact persons for you in this difficult situation and use all available legal means to represent your right to self-determination and your wishes. The experienced experts of our law firm are also available at any time to advise you and litigate other questions of medical law

Our lawyers and notaries skillfully adopt a multidisciplinary approach, always keeping your individual needs in mind, so that an optimal solution can be found for all parties. In doing so, we always strive for amicable solutions. However, should an amicable solution prove unlikely, we will represent you confidently and effectively before all Swiss courts and authorities.

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