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Günes Kaya


Attorney at law Günes Kaya studied law at Luzern University and finished with a graduate degree. After her studies she gathered experience at a law firm in England. Subsequently she worked for a law firm in St. Gallen Rheintal which operates in numerous fields of law. Günes Kaya is a licensed attorney at law before all Swiss courts and a licensed notary in the canton St. Gallen.


Master of Law, Luzern University, Switzerland
Bachelor of Law, Luzern University, Switzerland


Attorney at Law (Switzerland)
Notary (St. Gallen)


Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband
St. Galler Anwaltsverband

Preferred area of practice

Günes Kaya predominantly focuses on family, tenant, employment, social security, criminal, and migration law.


German, English, Kurdish, Turkish