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For companies, compliance entails the abidance by legal regulations, as well as the creation of organizational precautions which ensure the abidance by legal and internal guidelines. Compliance guidelines represent an obligational set of rules in a company, which employees must follow. Nonetheless, unfortunately, corruption and bribery are common occurrences in corporations, for instance in the context of monetary incentive systems which reward employees based on sales.

An internal inhibition of corruption is of immense significance to enterprises, as a possible bribery scandal would cause an enormous loss of reputation. Further, fines, claims for damages, and skimming of excess profits are impending. In case of a fine, shareholders must expect a loss of their capital assets. The managerial staff, on the other hand, must expect possible prison sentences in case of an investigation.

Within the scope of compliance, our law offices in Zurich, St. Gallen, and Frauenfeld deal with money laundering, corruption, and terrorism financing issues. Due to our long-term experience with compliance, we support you in the correct implementation of all applicable regulations imposed by regulating authorities, financial institutions, and auditors. We will gladly analyze your needs and develop individually tailored solutions.

A smart compliance-system entails precautionary measures, as well as education, information, and instruction of employees. A supervision of internal company processes is necessary. Here, whistleblowing systems can support managers. We will gladly advise you in respect of possible chances and risks of certain compliance measures. Further, we are available to companies and individuals respective financial or other sanctions. Our lawyers have comprehensive expertise in the area of compliance at their disposal and work steadily towards an ideal implementation of your interests.


Our proprietor, attorney at law Dr. Dr. Fabian Teichmann is an expert in the fields of money laundering and the fight against corruption. He extensively attended to the former within the scope of his doctorate at Zurich University. The latter was the subject matter of his doctorate at Kassel University. In particular, he focused on money laundering prevention measures and anti-bribery compliance incentives. Moreover, Dr. Dr. Fabian Teichmann has conducted trainings for compliance officials of more than 20 financial services providers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The Teichmann International (Switzerland) corporation is familiar with the procedures of intelligent criminals and can aid your company in the anticipation of risks and the implementation of suitable organizational measures. During a detailed analysis, we successfully take the offender perspective, which guarantees an effective dealing with compliance issues in your enterprise.