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Environmental, Social & Governance

Also law firms need to become more sustainable. While mountains of files and business trips used to characterize the daily lives of many lawyers, and law firms were traditionally run by men, Teichmann International (Switzerland) AG has been careful to work as sustainably as possible since it was founded.

The number of business trips was significantly reduced. Many meetings are now held by video conference. This not only reduces emissions, but also creates a better work-life balance for employees. It also reduces expenses, which leads to more efficient processing of mandates and more competitive prices.

At the same time, Teichmann International (Switzerland) AG is highly digitized. As a result, paper consumption per FTE has been reduced by more than 50 percent over the past five years.

Finally, Teichmann International (Switzerland) AG is characterized by a high level of diversity at management level. A 50 percent quota of women at management level ensures that as many different perspectives as possible are considered in decision-making. This creates enormous added value for our clients as well as for our company.