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Attorney for the conduct of cases in St. Gallen

Our law firm in St. Gallen represents clients in front of all Swiss courts through the comprehensive use of all available legal measures. The intention is to protect our clients’ interests in the best possible manner. In this, one of our main focuses is procedural law - frequently, procedural law-related subtleties decide whether a case is won or lost.

Of course, we always strive to find a mutual agreement; especially when handling a dispute with the authorities, our attorneys in St. Gallen can usually find a solution that is sustainable for both parties. The Swiss authorities are well-known for their factual, pragmatic, and customer-friendly approach. Hence, it does not make much sense to squander the locational advantage in favor of court proceedings.

Mutual agreements can also be conceived in a dispute between private individuals or between companies, which is why we usually seek out a conversation with the other party’s legal advisor before any court proceedings to try and mediate between the parties.

Moreover, we represent our clients in front of national and international arbitration courts both domestically and abroad, in which we mainly protect their interests in commercial law maters. Besides legal concerns, business-related matters are central here. In any case, confidentiality is one of our main concerns, seeing as our clients’ reputations are immensely valuable to us.