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Attorney for administrative law in St. Gallen

Our law form in St. Gallen offers both consultations and representation in court in various areas of administrative law. In the following, we offer insights into our preferred fields of practice relating to administrative law. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aliens law

Due to the presence of internationally oriented educational establishments, St. Gallen hosts manifold people form all over the world. At the same time, the proximity to Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and Italy attracts many persons who are employed in eastern Switzerland. Our law firm in St. Gallen advises clients from all over the world in matters relating to aliens law. In this, particular focus lies on individuals who move to Switzerland from abroad. We apply for your residence permit and take care of visits to the authorities for you.

For clients who seek flat-rate taxation, we request both a residence permit and a tax ruling. In addition, we help clients with selecting a canton that optimally fits their needs.

Moreover, Teichmann International AG’s family office in St. Gallen assists you in finding appropriate real estate and schooling for your children.

Banking law

Our law firm in St. Galen advises banks and asset managers in banking law matters. Our main focus lies in the area of compliance and all related questions. In addition, we use our renowned expertise in the area of compliance to coach compliance officers for banks and other financial service providers. However, our area of practice includes all other areas of banking law, as well.

Construction law

Decidedly, construction law is one of the most complex legal fields in Switzerland. At the same time, many questions relating to construction law must be answered on a cantonal level. Although a standardization of regulations can be observed in some areas, most cases continue to require the expertise of an attorney for construction law.

In case an amicable solution is not possible, we are well-prepared to competently enforce the interests of our clients in front of all Swiss courts. We have access to a large repertoire of legal means which we utilize whenever necessary. At the same time, being open for a dialogue with the counterparty is immensely important to us throughout the entire process.

Financial market law

Our law firm in St. Gallen deals with different financial market law questions. Especially supervisory considerations as well as financial and capital market transactions have priority here. In addition, we support our clients in the design of structured products. In relation to FINMA permissions, we also offer a far-reaching expertise to our clients.

Expropriation law

Expropriation procedures are often initiated in conjuncture with road construction. Our law firm in St. Gallen sees protecting the interests of expropriated owners as its duty. Hence, we advise and represent clients in expropriation procedures of all kinds. In particular, we investigate whether compensations are appropriate and enforce the interests of our clients in an experienced and timely manner.

European law

Although Switzerland is not a European Union member, it lies centrally within the heart of Europe. Hence, European law is of high importance for the Swiss and their concerns. Therefore, it is crucial that your attorney does not only know Swiss legislations but also has founded knowledge in European law. Only in this manner it can be ensured that your interests are protected in the best possible way in any situation. Our law firm in St. Gallen employs lawyers from different backgrounds and hence has much expertise in European law. We advise Swiss and foreign clients domestically and abroad in all European law matters.

Social security law

Social security law is a highly complex matter. Affected individuals often find it difficult to identify benefits they are entitled to. In these cases, an attorney for social security law, who analyzes your situation within the scope of the first consultation and clarifies potential demands, should be consulted. Thereafter, we contact the responsible authorities and enforce your rights swiftly and reliably.

Tax law

Our law firm in St. Gallen has founded expertise in tax law, on one hand, and business and financial studies, on the other hand. Whereas both businesspeople and lawyers often view situations from only one point of view, and in this focus on numbers or legal aspects, the lawyers at Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG in St. Gallen consider both perspectives. We combine business-related and legal approaches and hence guarantee a comprehensive consultation. Therefore, we are a strong partner in all tax law matters.

When clients deny themselves the help of an attorney for tax law in complex matters, mistakes and misunderstanding can be the consequence. These can be expensive. Hence, we stand by your side during tax planning and confirm the actions taken with the responsible authorities. Our services also include the obtainment of tax rulings so that you have legal and planning security.

It is our philosophy to always seek a conversation with the tax authorities before initiating any further action. In this manner, problems can frequently be solved amicably through dialogue. In Switzerland, companies and private persons profit immensely from the competence and cooperativeness of the tax authorities. We use this locational advantage for your benefit because conflicts always entail costs and risks and should hence be avoided.

In some exceptional cases, conflicts cannot be solved amicably. Here, it is important that a seasoned attorney for tax law represents your interests in front of the responsible authorities and courts. In these cases, we use all available legal means for the benefit of our clients.

Road traffic law

Negligence in road traffic can lead to severe sanctions in Switzerland. Especially high fines and withdrawal of one’s driver’s license can not only be unpleasant but also lead to far-reaching complications. Therefore, one is advised to consult an attorney for road traffic law, especially when significant penalties can be expected. Our law form in St. Gallen will be happy to assist you in examining the imposed penalties and will protect your interests as well as possible in any case.

Environmental law

Proceedings and applications within the scope of environmental law can be particularly lengthy, expensive, and, depending on the case, may have an effect on the builder’s reputation. Hence, environmental law poses various challenges for our clients. Particularly within the scope of large building projects it is worthwhile to contact an attorney for environmental law who analyzes the legal situation beforehand. Thus, expensive adjustments in the approval procedure can be avoided. The attorneys of our law firm in St. Gallen will happily assist you in this.

Competition law

Provisions in the area of unfair competition law can be complex and difficult to classify. At the same time, unfair competition represents a looming danger for many companies, which can only be contained through competent legal advice. In particular, potential sanctions must be avoided through a reliable evaluation of consequences of certain behaviors under competition law. Ideally, companies should hire a lawyer who specializes in competition law because ultimately, compliant behavior protects the reputation of both companies and any persons associated with them.

Customs law

Customs law holds particular value in the canton St. Gallen —St. Gallen is located in close proximity to Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany. From this, many customs law-related questions arise for our clients on a regular basis. To answer these questions, the expertise of a lawyer for customs law is required, especially when it comes to multinational corporations. One of our services entails ensuring that import and export trades can be conducted smoothly. We avoid complications from the very beginning by analyzing all necessary clarifications beforehand.