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Attorney for employment law in St. Gallen

Employment law matters can be difficult to deal with for both employers and employees. To save you from a lengthy ordeal, our law firm in St. Gallen supports you even before the employment relationship has begun by preparing the employment contract. Our attorneys in St. Gallen pay great attention to the protection of both parties’ interests to avoid a lengthy contention. We also offer consultations regarding the scrutiny and editing of employment contracts within the scope of demanding employment relationships.

We advise and represent both employers and employees, meaning that our area of work is multifaceted. We will happily advise you in matters relating to employment contracts, staff regulations, and contracts for specific forms of work such as part-time employment or on-call employment. The professional examination of reference letters also falls within the scope of our extensive expertise in the area of employment law. In relation to employment law, especially prohibition of competition and confidentiality are relevant —we will happily consult with you on these matters. In matters relating to the termination of an employment, resignation, termination pay, or an appeal to the termination, we competently represent your interests.

The areas of employment law listed above represent an excerpt of our work and expertise; of course, we will examine all other employment law matters and questions that have not been listed in your name. Employment law matters frequently are multifaceted and hence, require the consideration of multiple legal sources, for which a comprehensive knowledge of the Swiss legislation is needed. Our attorneys in St. Gallen have enjoyed an excellent education which enables them to gain a comprehensive overview of your situation. Our main concern is to offer competent consultations in all employment law-related matters to our clients.

Labor Law St. Gallen

In case you find yourself in a conflict between employer and employee, we always aim to come to a mutual agreement that protects the interests of our client. In such a situation, a mediation between both parties conducted by an attorney who specializes in employment law, has frequently proved to be productive. Often, these mediations lead to amicable extrajudicial agreements.

When an amicable agreement proves to be unlikely, we competently guide our clients through the court proceedings in which we represent their rights. Our attorney’s office in St. Gallen represents both employers and employees in front of all Swiss courts in employment law matters.