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Attorney for school legislation in St. Gallen

School law in Switzerland is regulated mainly by the cantons. There is no national ministry for education. The St. Gallen elementary school law deals with questions relating to all types of school and kindergarten. It is also applicable to private special schools and special educational measures. For private education, the law regulates the state’s supervision.

School attendance is mandatory and free of charge for all children aged six and over. Hence, school law constitutes an important part of administrative law —every Swiss student is affected by educational administrative acts, sometimes until they are adults. Some parts of school law overlap with other legal fields such as private law, for instance when a separation of the parents leads to differences in the communication between the school and the parents. Moreover, school law overlaps with data security and child protection but also employment law and disciplinary proceedings. The lawyers in our attorney’s office in St. Gallen have a broad expertise which enables them to competently deal with such overlaps.

For parents, their children’s well-being is their main priority. Expulsion from school, test results and other issues may have a significant impact on students’ lives. Potentially following university studies build the basis for the professional future of a person and hence is of high importance, as well. Our attorneys in St. Gallen function as trustworthy partners for you and your family who help you deal with questions arising from your children’s primary or secondary education. We will happily assist you in communicating with schools or universities and use all available legal measures to question decisions.

Moreover, we advise school administrations, universities, and education authorities in our law firm in St. Gallen. All matters relating to the interpretation of school law are investigated quickly and in a goal-oriented manner by our attorneys. Applying legal provisions and regulations is not always easy —the employees of our law firm in St. Gallen will assist you in all related matters.