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Attorney for commercial law in St. Gallen

Our law firm in St. Gallen advises mainly companies in all questions and challenges that arise from their professional activities. Hence, we face various commercial law-related issues on a daily basis. Our legal expertise includes mandate law, sale of goods law, law on contracts for work services, and agency contract law. We consult clients and conduct cases within the scope of these and other legal fields. At the same time, we advise clients in joint ventures and cooperation. In this, our clients do not only benefit from our legal expertise but also from our extensive expertise in business matters.

Economic Law St. Gallen

Corporate law

Corporate law represents a core area of our legal practice in St. Gallen. In particular, we advise domestic and foreign companies in different commercial law matters. In this, we support our clients in various situations, including during re-structuring processes, mergers, demergers, financial recovery, and takeovers. At the same time, the attorneys in our law firm in St. Gallen have far-reaching expertise in the areas of venture capital and private equity at their command.

Moreover, our notary’s office in St. Gallen conducts all corporate law-related certifications that have been prepared by us. Hence, all of our clients’ matters are taken care of in one place.

Upon request, our business consultancy, Teichmann International AG, also advises clients in business-related matters.

Intellectual property law

For many of our entrepreneurial clients, intellectual property is of high importance. Frequently, competitors ignore or even intentionally abuse brands, patents, copyright, or designs. We support our clients by analyzing their needs and guiding them through registrations of all kinds both in Switzerland and internationally. In addition, we reprimand competitors who have violated the rights of our clients and initiate legal procedures if required. The services rendered by our law firm in St. Gallen in the area of intellectual property law are completed by continuous observations of registrations in Switzerland and abroad.

Real estate law

For many of our clients in St. Gallen real estate is an attractive type of investment. Apart from legal obstacles, this type of investment comes with certain challenges and risks. Besides the purchase itself, provisions under building law and relating questions must be clarified and contracts for specific work must be concluded as soon as all necessary permissions have been obtained. Thereafter, the work must be examined in terms of potential deficiencies. Even after these processes have been concluded, some challenges can arise, including e.g., disputes with neighbors or tenants. These can be both lengthy and draining.

For any matters relating to real estate law, our law firm in St. Gallen has competent attorneys who are versed in enforcing your interests in a goal-oriented manner without extensive effort.

Bankruptcy law

During bankruptcy proceedings, there is much at stake for creditors. Hence, it makes sense to mandate a seasoned attorney to enforce your interests.

Our law firm in St. Gallen is dedicated to protecting your interests and concerns during bankruptcy proceedings. In this, we ensure that your claims in potential collocation plans are considered. At the same time, we represent you both in court and in extrajudicial settlement conferences.

Entertainment law

Our law firm in St. Gallen represents domestic and foreign clients in all entertainment law matters. Besides classical media channels such as news papers, television, and radio, especially social media is one of our main focuses. It is of immense importance that companies are aware of their rights and duties and, in case of doubt, may seek advice and representation from an attorney who specializes in entertainment law.

In the recent past, more and more private persons have approached our law firm in St. Gallen with entertainment law-related concerns. Frequently, these matters revolve around questionable conduct on social media channels. These can only be classified and prosecuted by entertainment law experts. If you are in such a situation, our team in St. Gallen will gladly support you in clarifying the situation via an efficient and experienced legal consultation.

Landlord and tenant law

Disputes that relate to the law of tenancy can be lengthy and exhausting for all parties. To find an affordable solution within decent time, one should consult an attorney for landlord and tenant law as soon as a conflict seems to be looming. Our law firm in St. Gallen analyzes the rental contract and the corresponding rights and duties to competently protect your interests through suitable judicial or extrajudicial measures.

Contract law

The purpose of contracts is to clearly designate and protect your rights. In some cases, these rights must be enforced toward third parties. Contracts are an inevitable part of daily life. At the same time, they can be accompanied by some expenditures. A seasoned attorney for contract law can help you with overcoming potential challenges standing in the way of a secure and legal contract.

Our attorneys in St. Gallen are well-prepared to advise you in contract law matters and provide you with the necessary contractual basis. By providing a clearly defined and transparent framework for your contracts, you will ideally be able to evade conflicts and judicial disputes. In this manner, you may ideally foster longstanding and fair business relations.

If a conflict arises, nonetheless, our law firm in St. Gallen helps you to enforce your rights in decent time and confidently. In this, we represent parties in front of all Swiss courts.

Debt enforcement law

From an entrepreneurial point of view, delinquent debtors represent a high risk because in the worst case, financial loss and lengthy disputes may follow. In these cases, our law firm in St. Gallen enforces your rights cost efficiently and pointedly. In case the debtor demurs, we immediately demand discharge proceedings.

If you are being prosecuted unjustly, it is advisable to contact an attorney for debt enforcement law early on because usually, it does not suffice to demur. To have a court certify that there is no outstanding money owed, it can be worthwhile to file a lawsuit for negative declaratory action. Our team in St. Gallen will be happy to advise you in such a situation and initiate the necessary legal steps.

Transport law

Due to the proximity to Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany, transportation is of particular importance in the canton St. Gallen. St. Gallen functions as a hub for domestic and foreign goods, which is why questions relating to transport law regularly arise. The surrounding circumstances should ideally be analyzed by an attorney for transport law so that the client may receive timely and reliable information. Thus, disputes can either be avoided fully or be decided within decent time.

Contract for specific work law

Within the scope of construction projects, defects are one of the most common causes for disputes between builders and craftspeople. In particular, the work frequently lacks a preconditioned or promised characteristic. Hence, one must decide whether to issue a notice of defects, which should be detailed and formulated comprehensibly.

To avoid this and other weak points, it makes sense to consult an attorney who specializes in matters relating to contracts for special works. Particularly with large projects, one should involve an attorney in the entire process. Hence, a duly acceptance of the work can be ensured.