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Attorney for family law in St. Gallen

Familial disputes are usually characterized by high emotional involvement, especially when children are involved. In addition, family law-related matters frequently revolve around financial aspects. From such a situation, manifold questions relating to parental care, custody, cash maintenance, and child support arise. These questions must be resolved in a factual and uncomplicated manner. Ideally, both parties should be represented by an attorney who specializes in family law. Our law firm in St. Gallen offers sublime support and dynamic experts to guide you through your divorce or protection of marriage proceedings.

Our main priority in family law cases is to find an amicable solution, so that a disruption of the familial relationship can be avoided. For a factual and goal-oriented mediation between family members, mandating an attorney who specializes in family law has proved to be a promising approach. Within the scope of conversations and mediations in our St. Gallen office, we assist you in finding an amicable solution that is sustainable for all parties and defuses the situation.

Family Law St. Gallen

If an amicable solution with the help of an attorney for family law is out of reach, Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG will represent your interests in all Swiss courts. We represent domestic and foreign clients. Due to our geographic location, we focus particularly on Austrian, Liechtenstein, and German clients. In the following, we detail some areas that we focus on in our St. Gallen law firm within the scope of family law.

Marriage and protection of marriage

In a marriage, two individuals enter a mutual, public, and legally permanent connection. We are happy to support you in drafting a prenuptial agreement that facilitates a carefree entry into your joint life. In any marriage, conflicts will naturally arise. If these conflicts, regrettably, cannot be solved through a mediation, a separation may ensue. When a married couple decides to separate, but a divorce is not yet possible because the requirements are not met, protection of marriage measures can be requested. These include a permission to live separately, regulations regarding joint children, the assignment of the place of residence, and the determination of potential child support payments.

Even if a divorce does not ensue, matrimonial law matters can be highly unpleasant for both parties. Hence, it is essential that both parties are represented by an attorney for family law who protects their interests during protection of marriage proceedings.

Our law firm in St. Gallen offers both consultations and process support in the legal field of matrimonial law. At the beginning of the dispute, our attorneys usually seek a conversation with the other party and their legal advisor. Ideally, the situation can be assessed clearly through factual investigation. We make an effort to find solutions that are beneficial for both parties without further disputes.

If the parties’ conflicting views are irreconcilable, the attorneys of our law firm in St. Gallen are prepared to exploit all available legal measures to enforce our clients’ interests in all Swiss courts. We securely guide you through all stages of the process and function as your reliable point of contact in all arising adversities.


A divorce frequently entails shattered dreams and emotional disputes. Especially shared children can suffer from such a straining situation. Hence, divorces, and accompanying disputes represent a rather unpleasant aspect of an attorney’s work. The main task of a divorce attorney is to find a solution that is sustainable for both parties within a timely manner. In particular, it is our goal to reestablish orderly circumstances as soon as possible. At the same time, the resolution of a marriage requires that many individual aspects are scrutinized. These include, for instance, questions relating to child support and alimony or questions relating to the division of matrimonial property. Hence, a divorce is both all-encompassing and complex. Through our competent and professional legal counselling in our attorney’s office in St. Gallen, we help you to resolve any uncertainty that arises from the situation.

Initially, our main goal is to mediate between both parties and ease tension because a factual and fair approach is in the interest of all parties involved. Thereafter, we seek an amicable solution which, ideally, simply needs to be approved by the responsible court.

In case the interests of the two parties cannot be reconciled despite mediation attempts, court proceedings are initiated. In these cases, we protect the interests of our clients with all available legal measures and competently guide them through all challenges that arise throughout the course of the proceedings.

Our law firm in St. Gallen functions as a trustworthy point of reference for all conceivable divorce-law issues and has the necessary competence and expertise to handle the situation. A divorce represents an exceptional situation through which we will gladly support you.

Protection of children and adults

The administration for vulnerable children and adults (German: KESB) is mandated to appoint protection measures for children whose wellbeing is endangered. When adults are incapable of caring for themselves or making decisions for themselves, they fall into the jurisdiction of the KESB, as well. From this situation, conflicts may arise, for instance regarding alimony payments. In these cases, we represent our clients in front of the respective KESB. In cooperation with the responsible authority, we frequently come to amicable solutions.