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Cihan Kaya

Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Cihan Kaya is responsible for overseeing the entire operational activities of Teichmann International (Switzerland) AG. In addition to continuously optimizing internal processes, his responsibilities encompass all non-legal management tasks. Cihan Kaya ensures that our attorneys can focus on their legal work, and our clients benefit from an optimal service.

With extensive leadership experience, Cihan Kaya previously worked as a team and overall project manager at a leading construction company before joining Teichmann International (Switzerland) AG. Prior to that, he served as a project manager at a construction company and worked as a teacher/interpreter for the Migration Office. He dedicates special attention to the training and development of our staff. COO Cihan Kaya is proficient in German, English, Kurdish, and Turkish.


Construction Management School St. Gallen

Professional Experience

Team Leader / Overall Project Manager at a leading construction company Project Manager at a leading construction company


German, English, Kurdish, Turkish