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Building Law

Swiss building law is extremely complex, because it considers public interests such as environmental, nature conservation and traffic concerns, the building police and spatial planning, as well as private interests in prices, deadlines, and functionality. In this context, decisions are often made at the cantonal level. Each canton has individual cantonal building regulations and building laws. Classically, these contain provisions on planning law and procedural law. At the federal level, aspects are regulated within the framework of spatial planning, environmental, energy, infrastructure, second homes and more.

Construction projects are not only cost-intensive but also time-consuming. Due to the complex legal situation, they are often almost impossible to manage without legal advice. Laypersons run the risk of losing track of the entire building project due to the high complexity of building law. Not only do building owners have to comply with a number of building regulations, for new buildings, renovations, extension projects or conversions, but some permits are also necessary. These are often bound to deadlines and dates.

Construction Law

Our lawyers have extensive expertise and experience in the field of construction law, which enables us to advise you in complex matters, for example in the context of approval procedures. Furthermore, we represent you in contract negotiations with craftsmen and architects. In addition, we supervise the entire construction project and support you in matters relating to contracts for work and services.

The advantage of consulting a construction lawyer early on is that you have a competent expert at your side throughout the entire process who will inform you about any regulatory obstacles and answer any legal questions in a timely manner. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency, which ultimately saves valuable time.

The cantonal and federal regulations sometimes also leave implicit or explicit leeway for building owners. In some circumstances, municipal regulations also come into play. Our experienced lawyers recognize these and ensure that our clients can make full use of them or take them into account.

In all matters relating to building law, we always strive for amicable solutions. If, unfortunately, these are out of reach, we use all available legal means to represent you before all Swiss courts and authorities. In doing so, we always proceed with the utmost care and accuracy.